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Featured Knife Maker: Lee Ferguson Handcrafted Knives

Art Dagger using Kevin Casey's damascus; 24K gold inlay, water buffalo horn grip engraved into a Cala Lily.  Blade is 6" long and overall length is 11". This was a best of show winner.

Best Miniature dagger in PKA 2008 show. Anodized titanium fittings and a damascus blade complement the opal handle on this 3 miniature,

Best Giraffe bone handle of 2010 AR custom knife show. A sculptured giraffe bone handle and an engraved guard make a dressy hunter.

NAME: Lee Ferguson
COMPANY NAME: Lee Ferguson Handcrafted Knives
ADDRESS: 1993 Madison 7580
Hindsville, AR 72738
PHONE: 479-443-0084
EMAIL: info@fergusonknives.com
WEBSITE: www.fergusonknives.com
MARK: Lee Ferguson (script)

PROFILE: I made my first knife in 1962, when I was about 15, but I didn't get into the business until 1975. I was pretty much self-taught. At that time there wasn't much information on knifemaking available, or other knifemakers to talk to. I have been a voting member of The Knifemakers' Guild since 1983. I am on the board of directors for both The Arkansas Knifemakers Association and The Knife Group Association of Oklahoma. I am also a member of The Professional Knifemakers Association. I make a wide variety of sizes and styles from micro miniatures to full size swords, straight blades and folders. What I really enjoy making the most are all sizes of art daggers.

I use the stock removal process in making my knives and use D-2 as my steel of choice but use other steels from time to time. On my damascus knives I use damascus made by Chad Nickols, Devon Thomas, Damasteel, and Brad Vice. I like using natural handle materials because of there beauty for handles on my knives, Some hunters and tactical knives will get a handle of Micarta or G-10. Most blades get a hand rubbed finish on them tactical knives are sand blasted or powder coated to reduce the shine.

All of my knives are sole authorship made 100% by me: heat treating, engraving, sheaths, etc., except for the damascus steel I use.

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A larger hunter with multiple pins in an ironwood handle inlaid with awabi shell.

Anodized and engraved titanium scales and a damascus blade highlight this folder.


Elegant engraved dagger with mosaic pins in a mastodon ivory handle.






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