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Founded in 1993, the Professional Knifemakers Association, Inc. (PKA) is a nonprofit professional organization with members throughout the world. PKA members are professional knifemakers, purveyors of custom knives, and suppliers to the trade, who derive a significant part of their income from the making and sale of handcrafted knives.

The purpose of the PKA is to elevate awareness of the art and science of handcrafted knives, provide educational opportunities for those interested in making custom knives, and to promote the commercial and representational interests of its membership.


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The PKA firmly believes the interests of its membership are best served by our efforts to acquaint the public with those qualities which so clearly distinguish the custom, handcrafted knife from all others. Whether forged or ground from a billet of raw steel, the custom knife is sculpted to reflect the artistic expression of the maker welded to the utilitarian interests of its intended user or collector.And like all fine works of art, the custom knife endures beyond the life of both its maker and the person who first buys it, into generations yet unborn.

Even when used as the tools they are, handcrafted knives gather character, becoming more precious while others simply wear and are discarded. For those of us who make these knives, the true reward of these creations lies in the joy of seeing young eyes sparkle when one of our knives is placed in their eager hand. "This was my father's knife," is the highest form of praise we will ever hear.  No polish can ever remove the pride that formed the blade, no wear will diminish the dedication that shaped its edge.

We invite you to tour the PKA website, and learn more about the organization, its members, activities, and community endeavors on behalf of knifemakers everywhere.  In the months ahead this site will grow to include information on all our members as well as photos of their knives, knifemaking products and services.






The PKA eagerly welcomes new members from the knifemaking community whose standards of quality and excellence reflect those of our membership. In addition to its own annual knife show, the PKA also co-sponsors shows organized by other state and national knifemaking organizations, providing access to our membership list, listing on this website and in our newsletter, and programmed training assistance for the attending public. Please visit our Membership and Education pages on this site.

Please do not ever send anything to the Helena, MT. address.

Professional Knifemakers Association, Inc
2905 N. Montana Ave.
Suite 30027
Helena, MT 59601
Craig Camerer-President
3766 Rockbridge Rd
Chesterfield, IL 62630
Email: Dick Waites (sec./tre.) dickknife@aol.com

(303) 324-2905


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